how to start a new blog on blogspot

Come on brother today, we will know how we can create a new blog on

We can try two ways to create a blog on, then in both ways, I will tell you which method you find easier, now you can use it. First of all, open whatever browser you use, if you have Chrome, then open the Chrome browser.


Now you have to search for www.


After opening, you will see create a blog, now you have to click on it.


Now you will be asked the option to sign in. If you have a Gmail ID, you can now enter it by entering the Gmail ID and password.

how to start a new blog on blogspot



After all the processing, you will see a page which I am giving below in the picture.

Now you have to find a good title for your blog and type the title here and click on the Next button.

Now type the name of your blog where you want to place it and click on the Next button.

Type the display name you want to keep and click Finish. Now your blog was ready, and I will give some pics of what it will look like.

So now let’s talk about how to make this blog professional, it will have to give a good look to it.

You will know that now see all the sites where there are very beautiful themes,


such themes will be found here for free and you can use them and you can decorate your blog well by using all these things. We will talk about next time.


You get a lot of such related options here, it is available from the free theme and is very easy. Is it also ask or what is better of both. I want to say that if you are new in this field, then start with

Like here you are getting everything for free but in WordPress, you will not get everything for free.

For this, you need both domain name and hosting and both of them are not free, you will have to buy them.

You only want to say, first you complete here, then try WordPress

WordPress has many plugins, with the help of which you can work very easily,

but still, I want to say that if you have, then you first complete on, only then you come to WordPress if you think No if you want to use it in advance, you can do it as you wish.

In the next post, we will talk about the details of each of the options.

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