In this post, we will know what is WordPress and how can we make a good professional website with the help of WordPress.

As you may have heard, so what is the same is like this, white,

you can use it to make your own favorite site, First of all, to use WordPress, you will need both Domina and posting.

It tells you in a little detail about what Domina is and what is hosting?

To make WordPress, you have to take the domain as well as the domain name, both of them together.  – The example that is this is your domain name. COM is your domain. So first you have to buy a domain name, after that, you can make your website using it.

Now let’s talk about hosting. What is hosting?

Hosting is a server that acts like online storage. Whatever work you do on your website, this hosting helps to save all those Tata and keep your website running.

First of all, you have to buy a domain and hosting. I use Godaddy like you can buy both domains and hosting from Godaddy if you want.


After purchasing the domain and hosting, you have to connect the hosting server to the domain.

After that you get a page called cPanel with the help of which you can design your website and you have to install WordPress as well.

Now how to install WordPress, we will bring a nice post for you. I have just come to tell you some basic things in this article.

With the help of the cPanel you are watching, you can do a lot of things like your data backup. WordPress installation and so on and many PHP options are also available here. We will talk about humans later, if you like this post, please share it and if you want to know full about WordPress, please comment me.



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